Sunday, November 30, 2008


Dr.Geoffrey A. Blake ,PDF Format
Graduate course for chemistry students

Time-independent perturbation theory, time-dependent perturbation theory; Spectroscopic lineshapes, overview of molecular eigenstates & molecular rotational spectra; Rotation of asymmetric tops, Diatomic rovibrational spectroscopy; Group theory in polyatomic rovibrational and Raman spectroscopy; Local mode theory/vibrations of functional groups, Vibrational spectroscopy of solids; lectronic spectroscopy and Franck-Condon factors, Photochemistry, Electronic spectroscopy of polyatomic; Non-radiative processes in polyatomics, Photoelectron spectroscopy, begin NMR; Conclude NMR (including FT-NMR and MRI), ESR (EPR); Statistical Thermodynamics - Boltzmann Law, Molecular/Ensemble Partition Functions and Thermodynamics; Statistical Thermodynamics/Thermodynamic Properties of Ideal Gases & Crystalline Solids.

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