Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Bioinorganic Chemistry
Bertini, Ivano and Gray, Harry B. , PDF Format
Graduate course for chemistry students

This book covers material that could be included in a one-quarter or one-semester course in bioinorganic chemistry for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students in chemistry or biochemistry. We believe that such a course should provide students with the background required to follow the research literature in the field. The topics were chosen to represent those areas of bioinorganic chemistry that are mature enough for textbook presentation. Although each chapter presents material at a more advanced level than that of bioinorganic textbooks published previously, the chapters are not specialized review articles. What we have attempted to do in each chapter is to teach the underlying principles of bioinorganic chemistry as well as outlining the state of knowledge in selected areas. We have chosen not to include abbreviated summaries of the inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, and spectroscopy that students may need as background in order to master the material presented. We instead assume that the instructor using this book will assign reading from relevant sources that is appropriate to the background of the students taking the course. For the convenience of the instructors, students, and other readers of this book, we have included an appendix that lists references to reviews of the research literature that we have found to be particularly useful in our courses on bioinorganic chemistry.

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