Saturday, December 20, 2008

Software for NMR Concepts

Software for NMR Concepts

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"This is an outline of a lecture given for NSF Faculty Enhancement Workshops at the University of Rhode Island and for NMR Concepts.A series of exercises designed to show features of each program is available. Topics are selected from the outline below for a particular audience. Additional information about this software is available from this site.

  1. Where to get this file and more information:

  2. System Requirements: Most of the software discussed here will run on a 486 25 SX, but a 486 33 DX with 8 MB RAM is recommended as a minimal system. Because I use a PC, this listing does not include Macintosh applications. Some of the commercial applications are available for the Macintosh. Windows 95 versions are also available for some of the commercial applications."[1]

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